Coordination of care across multiple platforms and departments

In our current healthcare landscape, care coordination for patients is an imperfect system. Breakdowns in communication, fragmented systems, and human error regarding care coordination can have a big impact on patients—sometimes with devastating results.

YourCareCommunity Scheduling is a cross-platform, role-based system that allows hospitals, providers, and consumers the ability to immediately schedule and request services across their healthcare community. YourCareCommunity Scheduling makes it simple to coordinate care for everyone involved in the care process all while helping to minimize effort and time, improve compliance, reduce follow up and increase revenue by keeping patients within a single system.

Current Features Include:

  • Schedule hospital services: Clinics and hospitals can make referrals to another clinic or hospital for service
  • Schedule clinic visits: Clinics and hospitals can send referrals to physicians

YourCareCommunity Scheduling Upcoming Features: *

  • Surgery requests: Request surgery appointment times from hospital to hospital,clinic to hospital, or clinic to clinic
  • Self-scheduling: Patients and consumers can self-schedule directly with hospital, clinic or physician
  • Emergency Department wait queues: Patients and consumers can input themselves into wait queues at the hospital of their choice
  • Direct Admits: Physicians can request direct admissions to a facility
  • Facility transfers: Allows transfers from one facility to another
  • Clinical orders: Receive orders from physicians to disparate ambulatory facilities
  • Cloud scheduling: Create schedule across multiple entities
  • One chart: Provides one centralized record across entities

*Currently is beta or development


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