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YourCareEverwhere, a health and wellness website is a better, smarter way for your patients and consumers to stay up to date on meaningful health and wellness information while consolidating and understanding health and activity data from your apps and devices. It also lets your patients access their medical records and patient information.

  • Read, share, and interact with deep, trusted content and resources on health and wellness topics important to them
  • Record, track, and share the health and activity data they collect through apps, devices, or wearables like Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, or a glucometer
  • Offers an easy-to-use YourCareEverywhere mobile app (available in Apple iOS and Android) to access information important to patients and consumers anywhere, anytime
  • Link to and access medical information in their secure patient portals

The facility profile page on provides you with a customizable piece of real estate on one of the fastest growing health and wellness websites in the market. In addition to the profile page, there is consistent facility cobranding throughout the site to expand your digital footprint and drive awareness in your community.


    YourCareEverywhere is a health and wellness consumer engagement solution that activates patients and consumers in your community through digital and mobile programs. YourCareEverywhere offers digital solutions that encourage continuous engagement throughout the continuum of care and acquisition even before the consumers become patients.

    Patients and consumers can access information important to anywhere, anytime

    Health information is typically highly fragmented with few ways to see it all in one place. enables a complete view into one’s personal health world. A solution that encompassed all the tools, portals, and devices where health information lives – the key information needed to be in control of your health and wellness.

    More than just a website, YourCareEverwhere is a digital solution powerful enough to support all the important things found in your consumers’ health world so they can stay knowledgeable and focused on their personal health goals and more.

    With YourCareEverywhere, we streamline the process of managing and organizing a consumer’s health world. From access to relevant, timely content, to consolidated access of device, app, and patient portal information, to a personalized My Wellness Dashboard, their health world has never looked so good.

    Experience YourCareEverywhere yourself, click here to create your account, and set up your personal My Wellness Dashboard.

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