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In the current healthcare environment, health information is scattered across many different providers and facilities with information being stored electronically, and on paper. Keeping track of it all is a big challenge for patients and providers resulting in fragmentation of care and health information across multiple providers.

My Wellness Dashboard provides users the ability to centralize and consolidate access to their health and wellness information in one location for easy access, sharing and management. The user can also manually enter all types of personal health information including exercise and dietary habits, medication information, immunization history and more. For health providers and their patients, it links and provides access to any EHR, and provides tools to help patients and their care teams securely manage personal clinical encounter health information within a single solution.

  • Improves the service experience across the care continuum for your patients, caregivers, and consumers
  • Strengthens relationships through improved care monitoring, data access, and transparency
  • Supports a key Meaningful Use stage 3 objective related to the access, and utilization of patient-generated health data

    My Wellness Dashboard supports health and personal data aggregation in three primary sections on the dashboard:

    • Allows patients and users the ability to aggregate self-generated health activity, and wellness information from over 200 devices, including Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, Microsoft, and more
    • Improves health outcomes by viewing, and sharing activity data such as steps, sleep, nutrition information, and more

    Personal Health Center

    Allows patients and users the ability to manually enter, and consolidate personal health information such as documents, medications, family history, conditions, diagnoses, social history, lab results, immunizations, allergies, procedures, discharge instructions, care plans, and more

    Health Sites

    Through an EHR agnostic single sign-on function, users can link to and access any personal health portal helping patients and consumers get to their health information without signing on multiple sites.

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