The Lingering Cost of Care

Managing the increasing number of patients having chronic illness or conditions using traditional methods is challenging, resource intensive, and often ineffective.

YCE Condition Management™ solution is designed to improve program compliance, enhance health outcomes, and reduce hospital readmissions by:

  • Bringing patient education into the home via our personalized app, and digital solutions
  • Creating real-time communication between patients and coaches for real-time plan adherence, adjustments, and intervention
  • Establishing a virtual support group through a community of peers to share, support, and encourage participants progress and goal achievement
  • Connecting the patient’s wellness devices, personal health record, and self-entered data through the My Wellness Dashboard of YourCareEverywhere

Download the App:

    YCE Condition Management is empowering patients and helping to improve the way healthcare providers offer comprehensive care. Currently chronic and acute conditions are primarily managed by the patient outside the provider’s office with little or no interaction with their provider.

    A Better Way for Providers to Manage Populations with Chronic Conditions.

    We designed the YCE Condition Management product features and functionality based on feedback from a wide array of health coaches, clinicians, and patients managing chronic conditions.

    Key features of our Condition Management solution are:

    Patient App

    A Smarter Approach to Engagement

    • Facility cobranded app for condition management for ease of use and 24/7 support
    • Real-time clinician and patient program communication, and management
    • Personalized patient reminders
    • Access to relevant education modules customized, and distributed via the Coach Dashboard
    • Customizable program content where the coach can tailor goals, and tasks to their patients
    • Real-time monitoring allows the clinician to engage as necessary
    • Charts provide a clear view of patient trending

    Support Groups
    • Private, safe, online environment for patients to interact 24 hours a day, every day
    • Patients can communicate, and exchange information with like individuals and an experienced coach privately and within an online group setting
    • Supports knowledge sharing for improved self-management

    Download our case study. Read about ACE Medical politing YCE Condition Management App for Diabetes patients.