The rise of consumerism means you’re no longer just needing to build a relationship with your community, you’re needing to build relationships on an individual level that helps them manage a fragmented approach to healthcare.

Care coordination for patients is an essential component of a Tertiary system. Breakdowns in communication, fragmented systems, and human error regarding care coordination can have a big impact on patients—sometimes with devastating results.

YourCareCommunity Scheduling™ is a cross-platform, role-based system that allows hospitals, providers, and consumers the ability to immediately schedule and request services across their healthcare community. YourCareCommunity Scheduling makes it simple to coordinate care for everyone involved in the care process all while helping to minimize effort and time, improve compliance, reduce follow up and increase revenue by keeping patients within a single system.

My Wellness Dashboard provides patients the ability to centralize and consolidate access to their health and wellness information in one location for easy access, sharing and management. The user can also manually enter all types of personal health information including exercise and dietary habits, medication information, immunization history and more. For health providers and their patients, it links and provides access to any EHR, and provides tools to help patients and their care teams securely manage personal clinical encounter health information within a single solution.


YourCareEverywhere is a health and wellness consumer engagement solution that activates patients and consumers in your community through digital and mobile programs. YourCareEverywhere offers digital solutions that encourage continuous engagement throughout the continuum of care and acquisition even before the consumers become patients.

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