Hospitals (Community and Hospital Systems)

Patient engagement – A must have tool to position hospitals as leaders within their communities.

There’s a marketing technology and content need for community hospitals. The fragmented nature of healthcare delivery, the rise of consumerism, and the need to expand your footprint in your area are driving this need. Our patient/consumer engagement platform links and provides access to any EHR system, and helps facilities resolve patient and community engagement challenges with unique and holistic strategies that can help drive brand loyalty, portal usage, and bring patients back to your facilities for care.

Engaging toward improved health supports hospital profitability as engagement with your community helps build lasting rapport and trust.

Access to care, prevention and screening services, and chronic condition management are some of the biggest community health needs. Hospital leaders must assess the depth of their influence in the community to meet these critical needs.


    YourCareEverywhere is a health and wellness consumer engagement solution that activates patients and consumers in your community through digital and mobile programs. YourCareEverywhere offers digital solutions that encourage continuous engagement throughout the continuum of care and acquisition even before the consumers become patients.


    Creating and deploying optimal health insurance marketing and consumer engagement strategies can be difficult for payers in today’s complex purchasing landscape. Payers must focus on building strong brands, clear messaging, and effective customer outreach that make their offerings stand out in a market filled with competition and also help their customers stay healthy.

    YourCareEverywhere can help payers develop meaningful marketing campaigns and encourage consumers to meet their clinical and financial responsibilities in a positive, collaborative way.

    Ambulatory Clinics

    Allowing patients to have access to more information about their health treatments and plans is now a requirement for physicians participating in the federal meaningful use program, and is referred to as patient engagement.

    If patients are not actively taking care of themselves, they won’t have good outcomes, so it’s about making sure you meet the patients where they are and understanding the socioeconomic components of your communities that you serve.

    With the help of patient engagement initiatives, providers approach care management holistically rather than episodically and find new ways of getting patients engaged in managing their health between checkups.

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