What is YourCareEverywhere?

YourCareEverywhere® is a MEDHOST® company, a provider of market-leading enterprise, departmental and healthcare engagement solutions to more than 1,000 healthcare facilities. Our integrated product portfolio includes intuitive, cloud-based solutions, including YourCareEverywhere, a robust health and wellness consumer engagement platform. MEDHOST delivers value by enabling hospitals of all types and all sizes to better manage the business of healthcare across the care continuum while meeting evolving regulatory requirements.


YourCareEverywhere Consumer Engagement Solution offers providers technology that not only creates brand awareness and affinity, but also equips consumers and patients with the tools to manage their health throughout the care continuum. YourCareEverywhere serves the following markets:

  • Core Health Markets
    The fragmented nature of healthcare delivery, the rise of consumerism, and the need to expand your footprint in your area are driving this need. Our patient/consumer engagement platform integrates with any EHR system, and helps facilities resolve patient and community engagement challenges with a unique and holistic strategies that drive brand loyalty, portal usage, and bring patients back to your facilities for care.
  • Non-Traditional Health Markets
    Not only that, YourCareEverywhere provides wellness programs for non-traditional Markets like employers and other non-healthcare entities. Studies have shown that just the existence of a workplace wellness program shows positive effects on individual behavior and employee engagement.
  • Tertiary Care Facilities
    Care coordination for patients is an essential component of a Tertiary system. Breakdowns in communication, fragmented systems, and human error regarding care coordination can have a big impact on patients—sometimes with devastating results. YourCareEverywhere Consumer Engagement Solution’s different components work in tandem to provide a solution for your Tertiary facility.

A Different Approach

YourCareEverywhere is a comprehensive consumer engagement solution that provides your facility with the following:

  • Health and Wellness Website
  • My Wellness Dashboard
  • Condition Management Solution
  • Links to a Scheduling Solution
  • Marketing Services
  • Links to Any Patient Portal and EHR Solution