Where Healthcare Meets Lifecare

YourCareEverywhere® offers technology that can not only create provider brand awareness and affinity, but also equips consumers with tools to help manage their health throughout the care continuum.

Online Health And Wellness Publication

Your Brand Where Healthcare Consumers Will See It

Reach today’s connected, healthcare-savvy consumers through our health & wellness content site bearing your facility’s branding. Like any good online publication, YourCareEverywhere.com is continually updated with fresh and insightful editorial content covering categories such as Health Research, Mental Health, Wellness & Fitness, Life Stages and Healthcare Choices. Not only does it help build your brand in the consciousness of the new health consumer, but it also allows you to cost effectively expand your online presence beyond your website and into a more interactive digital environment.

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My Wellness Dashboard

Consolidation, Aggregation, and Unification. Oh my.

Hospital portals, clinic portals, physician portals, health trackers, wellness websites — the list goes on and on. Wouldn’t it be great if all of these health devices were connected? My Wellness Dashboard does just that. No more fragmentation, just healthcare simplified. Wasn’t that easy?

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Meaningful Use Certified Mobile App

Healthcare at the Touch of a Button

Patients and consumers are connected 24/7/365. With our Meaningful Use certified mobile app, now you can connect with them. Available on Apple and Android, your community now has access to their portals, health information, wellness dashboard, and other personal health information whenever and wherever they are.

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Condition Management Application

Real-time, Comprehensive Care for a Rising Population

By 2020, about 157 million Americans will be afflicted by some kind of a chronic illness. Traditional methods for patient education to help manage this increasing population are costly and time consuming, which is why we created the YourCareEverywhere (YCE) Condition Management. Our solution allows you to connect with your patients beyond the care center with flexibility and effectiveness. Just how you and your patients prefer.

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Marketing Services

You provide the market, we help you engage

By combining our market and business intelligence with the compelling health content and tools of the YourCareEverywhere platform, our marketing services delivers turn-key digital patient engagement communication complementing your existing engagement efforts, that helps you get the most out of your technology investment. We do the engaging for you, so you can get back to running your healthcare facility.

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YourCareCommunity Scheduling

Care Coordination in an Imperfect System

YourCareCommunity Scheduling makes it possible and simple to coordinate care for everyone involved in the care process. Our cross-platform, role-based platform seamlessly connects with your systems to allow patients to schedule services across their healthcare community. Schedule services, visits, and transfers all from one place. Piece of cake.

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Where Healthcare Meets Lifecare

Create brand awareness and affinity while equipping consumers with the tools to manage their health throughout the care continuum. Download the brochure below to learn more about how YourCareEverywhere components work together to create a unique consumer experience and help you be the ultimate healthcare leader in your community.

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